TiA Pathways

Whether you are a for-profit company or professional services provider; whether you are a municipality, school district, or law enforcement agency; whether you are a healthcare provider, not-for profit entity, or community organization, or even a fellow consulting firm, TiA stands ready to assist!

Our approach starts with a 360-degree, top-to-bottom assessment of your organization while keeping in mind the areas of concern you bring to us. We always check for any other potential issues or “blind spots” that may have escaped your attention. 


Next, our experts will design a growth strategy specific to your organization. TiA will then guide you through the execution of the strategy which will include education and training at all levels as well as facilitating the organizational buy-in and change implementation.

TiA will remain with you on this path by continuously evaluating the success of the strategies and providing ongoing assistance for purposes of monitoring process improvement and address any issues that may arise.

We approach each entity based on its unique and individual nature and issues, and as such you will have all of our methodologies and tools at your disposal. Below are examples of different scenarios TiA can help you address. (Note that these are not an exhaustive list. TiA is ready to assist you with whatever needs you have.)


Are you a start-up? Congratulations! Let us assist you in “doing it right the first time.” At TiA we believe in being proactive, preventive, and comprehensive from the start. Building something the right way from the beginning is always the best strategy.


Are you an established entity? Even if having a socially intelligent and just DNA is not yet part of your existing organizational culture, it is never too late to create and foster such. Improve your bottom line, prevent future pitfalls, and see the growth your organization seeks with TiA’s help.


Are you facing a less-than-ideal situation in your organization? A compliance failure, an internal problem about to go public, a lawsuit or significant settlement that will negatively impact stakeholders? TiA can assist you in taking the necessary "top to bottom" steps to repair your organizational culture and rebuild a good reputation.