A message from TiA Founder & President:

"I am truly filled with a lot of emotions right now. Our Chicago chapter members of the National Organization of Black Enforcement Executives were asked to participate in a session of our landmark program “The Law & Your Community,” a relationship-building program between law enforcement and community in Ferguson, Missouri, yesterday. This is a program near and dear to my heart that I jumped on just before the eve of Michael Brown’s killing. I am grateful, knowing that our chapter went to Ferguson to continue this crucial conversion and healing process. Under my direction, our chapter has had a huge impact with this program here in Chicago and its public schools as well as across the nation and I am so very proud of members Caeana Sanders, David Anderson, Luther Haynes, and Landon Wade, for bringing this conversation to this significant and important city! I still and will continue to wrestle with the history, purpose, function, and future of law enforcement in this country and the current lack of due respect and protection for black and brown bodies but these conversations are necessary and crucial to move our country forward. The fight for justice must continue from all of us."

Carla Kupe